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Here’s the results on an on-going Investment Case Study from a one-trade-a-week Strategy called

TIP’s Optimum Strategy ®

These results are from five minutes and one trade a week.

Here’s the raw numbers as of 1 Sep 2020:

Year-to-date ROI: +185.34%

Trades closed: 35

Trades open: 0

Win / Loss Ratio : 71.4% / 28.6%

Avg hold time: 8.9 days

Risk to Reward Ratio: 1.87

Do you have what it takes to become a Top 1% Investor?

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Here’s what the growth of $100,000 at +220% ROI looks like:

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You don’t need to do much to outperform like the Top 1% Investors. We offer a minimum Strategy that includes text alerts at a set time every week so you can anticipate the trade. This comes with access to our online Facebook community and downloadable financial plan templates, execution files, risk analysis and interest calculators.

Here’s the track record YTD

Time commitment requirement: Five minutes per week

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