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If you’ve failed at trading in the past, it’s not your fault. I hope my story helps inspire you to persist through all adversity and get serious about banking those big returns that got you excited about trading to begin with… I placed my first trade after my first paycheck as an Civil Engineering graduate in May 2007. With no plan, no system, and no strategy, I thought I had a chance to rake in big profits with no actual experience in the markets.

With a $142,000 mortgage, $40,000 of student loan debt, and $12,000 in credit card debt, I lost my job as an Engineer in 2009. On top of that, I had lost about $8,000 when the markets crashed in 2008, and that was more than half my cash accounts at the time, so it was completely devastating for me. I continued to trade and lose money FOR YEARS with no plan.

I remember adding up my total stock market losses in 2012 and getting sick to my stomach.

You know that feeling you get when you lose $300 cash?

Well, times that by 30X and that’s about how I felt!

From that point on, I tried to track as much data and document as much as I could about every single trade. If I was going to continue to risk and possibly lose money, I at least wanted to learn something from every trade. This was the early stages of TIP’s trading system development. I started to qualify trades with set criteria (later became TIP’s 10-pt checklist).

I had a gut feeling I was close, but everyone around me began to distance themselves because of my losing track record. My wife left me and I had some tough life choices to make. Do I continue with my trading passion or do I pass it up for safety and security?

In 2011, I made a big career leap by deploying to Afghanistan with the Army Corps of Engineers as a Civilian. There were rocket attacks daily, so definitely not your typical engineering job. But it was being faced with the real possibility of death on the job, that I had some of my biggest epiphany moments in my life, one of which was the idea to create this company that I believe can help change the world and maybe even YOUR life.

I started to help others understand the markets, trade smarter, and worry less. And by helping others, I helped myself much more that I could have imagined.

In 2013 I returned in one piece, and by 2015, I was holding my own in the markets… a sort of Inflection Point in my life. In 2017, when I was up +143.68% in three months from my own systems and strategy, I knew I had something that could be of great value to others thus allowing me to fulfill my dream of teaching trading to millions of people. So I left the trading firm I was at and went on my own to build tutorials, workshops and eventually online courses.

The early stages of our alert service surfaced in late 2017 when we started picking just ONE trade a week to alert our subscribers because my partners and I hypothesized we could outperform the markets consistently with just One Trade A Week.

By 2020, the One Trade a Week alerts had an ROI of +183% for the year. In 2021, the ROI of the alerts was +112%.

If you’re interested in accelerating your own market understanding and increasing your returns in the next 30 days while trading stress-free, this is a direct link to my calendar:


David Koper

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