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One trade a week strategy

If you have four minutes a week, we’re offering our best market strategy for pennies on the dollar. This ‘one trade a week’ strategy could deliver +600% returns for you in the next 12 months. Any stock market strategy carries risks. You should always consider teaming up with the smartest people in your Industry to lower that risk for you. This makes sense on many levels.

Even with an Initial Investment of just $10,000, a+600% ROI per year snowballs into over $3.43 M in three years and 168 M in five years. Just make sure to save 42 M for capital gains tax in year five.

Here’s the proof this works:

This is a snapshot of the main brokerage account of my trading company, up +601% last year (as of Feb 2021). Sure we have other accounts, some do a little worse, some better, but this is the main one and we pretty much have been following TIP’s Alert Strategy. These returns are not even in the same ballpark the S&P500.

You could go to college for four years and graduate making $100,000 per year with $100,000 in debt and minimal salary growth forever, OR you could invest in a course built by actual entrepreneurs and stock market practitioners with limitless growth in the most cash abundant markets in the world. Who knows, you could end up with $2.8 M in cash in four years and possibly as little as $2,500 of debt to start, or $0 in debt if you are Military or Veteran.

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The choice is yours!

Chart of our Strategy (blue) vs. the market (orange)

The strategy itself takes approximately three days to learn. However, if you want to develop high confidence and conviction in all market situations, we do recommend our education courses that go in depth in one of the most comprehensive market experiments on record in 2020.

Free up your time to do the things you love.

Download our FREE Interest Calculator to back out your retirement year or the exact percentage returns needed for shorter term goals.

Here’s the video testimonials:

Natalia had never traded stocks before.

She was up +260% in her first year trading stocks.

Natalia Krause
Vanessa Fernandez

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The strategy with text alerts and lifetime course access are available as a bundle on our products page.

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