ATTN Retail Investors: Learn to trade stress-free in the next 30 days in 4 minutes a week

2020 Stock Market Case Study

This One Trade a Week ™ stock strategy was up +183.98% in 2020.

Learn the strategy in 3 days, takes 4 min a week, get results in six months or your money back.

How would you like to retire off a One Trade a Week stock strategy, not working another day in your life except for when you want?

Imagine making twice as much with complete time freedom to pick up any hobby that makes you happy or travel the world and go whatever you please with no regard to cost or time spent.

Text ‘TIP’ to 856-685-4681 to get a text with a link to a short but comprehensive video message describing our most successful One Trade a Week text alert strategy up over +183% in 2020. Takes less than four minutes a week.

You can also view the video here:

Watch this 2020 Retail Investing Case Study

We help Retail Investors consistently find the best stocks to trade with our proprietary algorithm.

Investment Banking earned the title ‘Most Stressful Job on Wall Street’, but it doesn’t have to be. There are a few keys to Investing that are not intuitive. When you decide to take your investments into your own hands, you want to relieve as much stress and anxiety as possible.

According to Business Insider, Stock Trader is the second most stressful job on Wall St., right after Investment Banking

If you’re looking to relieve stress and anxiety, the focus areas in the beginning should be your knowledge, tools, systems, and documentation.

First, you need a good understanding of how & why the market works. This is where our stock market education course can pay off dividends for the rest of your life.

In the course, you’ll learn…

  1. How to find the best opportunity
  2. How to make the trade
  3. How to automate your exits

The sooner you learn how & why this strategy works, the sooner you’ll be living off your returns on a beach somewhere eating five stars meals with high-class waiters bringing endless piña coladas from the sky bar.

The next big key that cuts out all stress and anxiety is when you know your numbers. The difference between knowing your number and not knowing is like night and day. The market can sense the weak holders and shake them out faster than a toupee in a hurricane. When you discover how & why the market works AND you know your numbers, you’ll be able to withstand any market storm with confidence.

Tracking just FOUR key numbers can relieve stress and anxiety brought about by the uncertainty of the markets.

These four numbers are,

  1. Return on Investment
  2. Reward to Risk Ratio
  3. Win / Loss Percentage
  4. Hold time

Once you have fifty trades, you can calculate your numbers and set goals & expectations. We believe this is easily doable within one year.

Invest in the Best and Master Your Operations

Are you a Retail Investor looking to profit from buying and selling securities?

Book a call here ->

You can stay invested in Index funds or mutual funds and probably retire in 30 years comfortably, OR you could learn this killer new stock strategy and possibly generate +100% returns every year for the next TEN years and retire with 10 million in the bank. The choice is yours!

Welcome to TIP Inc.

Now , it’s choice time…

Here is the performance of the One Trade a Week strategy vs. the S&P 500 Index:

Chart of our Strategy (blue) vs. the market (orange)

Here’s every trade entrance and exit and the corresponding dates:

Download the file here

Here were the Key Performance Indicators we tracked in 2020:

ROI on the year: 183.98%

Win percentage: 61.5%

Reward to Risk ratio: 1.46

Hold time: 11.54 days

The strategy itself takes little time to learn and implement. The hard part will be finding what to do with the rest of your time. If you’re interested in mastering your operations, schedule your call on this page to learn more about our online courses. This can free up your time so you can get back to doing what you love and not stressing about things outside your control.

Here’s a user-friendly interest calculator you won’t find anywhere else on the market. This makes it easy to see the effects of compound interest. It’s all about the rate of return over time. The sooner you learn this, the better off you’ll be.

Download our FREE Interest Calculator to back out your retirement year or the exact percentage returns needed for shorter term goals.

Here’s some recent video testimonials of clients who implemented the strategy:

Natalia had never traded stocks before.

She was up +260% in her first year trading stocks.

Natalia Krause

Vanessa, also a first-time Retail Investor, was up over +100% in her first year trading.

Vanessa Fernandez

The next video testimonial could be you!

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The strategy with text alerts and lifetime course access are available as a bundle on our products page.

One Trade a Week ™

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