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This Excel file is perfect for calculating position sizing and Reward to Risk ratios on potential trades. It saves time and is also a good check of numbers and risk. The file helps calculate the number of shares to buy based on your account balance and position sizing you choose. It automatically calculates the amount of money your risking based on the risk level you choose for each position. The file helps to lower execution errors, which will lower risk. Don’t trade without this.

This is the exact trade plan that helped our trading company get +150% returns in 2020. Feel free to change the variables to better suit your own risk tolerance. You should carefully decide on the time blocks you chose to operate. Contrary to popular belief, a plan doesn’t need to be sound at first. Any plan is better than no plan. If it doesn’t work for you, change it until it does.

This is a tool that allows you to see the returns necessary for earning whatever amount you chose over a specific period of time. The calculations are down to the day and exact dollar amount based on your initial investment, rate of return and compound period chosen. It’s the most user-friendly interest calculator on the market.

TIP’s Golden Trade Tracking Template.xlsx

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