The 4-Min. Work Week (Hardcopy)



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ATTN Swing Traders and Investors

We’re looking for a handful of superstar Traders and Investors who want to take their trading businesses to the next level.

Our company specialized in building great Investors by teaching the fundamental building blocks of business and the stock market.

Learn Accounting, Planning, Organization, and Risk Management to propel your accounts to new heights.

Position Description

Make One Trade a Week consistently and double or triple your cash accounts in as little as 12 months.


Our One Trade a Week ™ Text Alert System and Strategy are to Retail Investors what training wheels are to beginner bicyclists.

We track performance with the following four indicators:

  1. Win / Loss percentage
  2. Hold time
  3. Reward to risk ratio
  4. ROI


Our Advanced Trading course outlines exactly how to build your trading business from the ground up and what numbers to track and why.

There are three steps to TIP’s trading system:

  1. Find the best opportunity
  2. Make the trade
  3. Automate the exit

Are you a Retail Investor looking to buy and sell securities? This book is for you.


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