Sales Superstar

No formal education needed. Work part-time, from home or remotely from anywhere in the world. Get trained up in as little as 30 days. Potential to make one million in three years. Low base salary but huge commissions if you already possess key sales skills.

Company Description

Our vision is a world free of fear. Our mission is to empower you with the knowledge needed to fight fear with faith.

Job Description


Your passion for Sales needs to be borderline obsessive. You need to record calls, listen, disarm, diagnose client problems, take good notes, role play client scenarios, roleplay sales scenarios, practice sales calls, encourage dreams, alleviate fears, confirm suspicions, and throw rocks at enemies.

Don’t even contact us unless you’re serious and can prove it. Earn $50,000 if you’re good, and $300,000 plus if you’re the best – small base, but huge performance rewards.

We are seeking star performers only, not backgrounds. Young or old – if you have the stuff, we’ll know. Will train someone who has all the attributes we’re looking for.


Must be awesome at opening doors and getting appointments from a cold start. Must be a good listener, highly self-motivated, a terrific communicator, and a master relationship builder.

Positive attitude and team spirit are REQUIRED.

Schedule a call at or reach out to company scheduler at

The course we believe will change the entire way the world views financial markets can be found at The password for the first two weeks of the six-week masterclass is TIP100. It stands for The Inflection Point, we’re not looking for $100-dollar tips.

The most important part of your role is results. Nothing happens until something is sold. The sale is the catalyst to change lives and make a difference in the world. This is where you must believe in the vision and the mission in our company description.

If you believe in a product and service, you’ll feel it your duty to convince clients to buy. The benefits of the course are life-changing, and if you don’t believe that, you shouldn’t be selling it and furthermore we don’t want you selling it.  We’re not looking to ‘employ you’ or be your ‘boss’. Both these scenarios don’t sound inspiring or life-changing at all. We want to empower you, so you won’t need us. We take this role and all roles at all companies very seriously and we’re only looking for the best.


Know the sales script better than the back of your hand. Plan your days down to 15-minutes intervals minimum. Strategize down to six impact tasks each day. Make a list of positive affirmations to read every morning, noon, and night.

Execute your plan and strategy with items matching the time slots of your schedule. At the end of every day, repeat out loud what you’re grateful for and what would make tomorrow great. Then, make it happen tomorrow.

Spend more time with your family and friends and more time doing what you love doing. Create a future for yourself and your family that’s better than you could ever imagine.


Benefits include access to business mentors. To be clear, a mentor is a wise and trusted adviser. The word mentor is thrown around so much nowadays the meaning gets lost sometimes. Access and permission to share company copy and content, including but not limited to books, power point slides, word docs, and excel docs.

Spend more time with your family and friends and more time doing what you love doing. Create a future for yourself and your family that’s better than you could ever imagine. Do the one thing you could do everyday for the rest of your life.

Once this knowledge is learned, you can pass it down generations, take it with you anywhere you choose to go and create your own beautiful thriving business.  It’s time to start designing your dream life. Come and build your own empire within our fine, progressive company. We have a superb reputation.


David W. Koper, CEO
Founder at The Inflection Point Inc.
Home of Inflection Point Alchemy


More about Company Operations

Daily operations shall be recorded and disseminated via email when appropriate. All company records will be kept in the CEO record book. All company transactions shall be recorded and kept with the Articles of Incorporation. Each day shall start in the same manner and daily action items shall be completed only in the specified order of operations (See Attachment A). It’s important to remind ourselves daily of the importance of the ‘best’ or ‘ideal’ order of operations. I.e. Deodorant before shirt, tie before pants, brush teeth before shirt and tie. Time and thought shall be spent daily of ways to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of our order of operations.

Meetings are not encouraged. The average expense of just one company meeting is approximately $2,000 USD. Meeting requests shall be made in the form of a seven-page memo outlining the topics of the meeting, the reasons why a meeting is necessary, and the hopeful or expected outcomes of the meeting. The memo – once written – shall be submitted to the Board of Directors Secretary to present to the Board of Directors for review and approval of company funds. Under not circumstances shall there be a company meeting without this process. The Annual Shareholders Meeting is the one exception to this process as it’s required by law.

Do everything you do with the intent that you must do it every day for the rest of your life. If something isn’t necessary for survival, don’t do it. Do daily only what you choose to, otherwise schedule other activities so there are no voids that exist that could be filled with any activity not involving your chosen daily activities.


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