If you’re looking to accelerate your understanding, these  documents are for you. They are a MUST-HAVE before placing another trade. It’s so important you have these that we’ve discounted them as much as possible.

Trade Plan Template (Word document)

This word document is equipped with dropdown menu’s for common entries in the five must-have sections of a trade plan.

Trade Template File (Excel file)

This document is priceless. With build-in formulas for risk management and trade template trackers with built-in formulas, this document takes all the guesswork out of what numbers you need to track and how to manage current positions.

10-pt. checklist for Qualifying Homerun Trades (PDF)

This is the ‘perfect storm’ event that’s important to recognize right before a stock goes exponential. Recognize just one of these at the right moment and the purchase will be worth the price paid.

Course Summary and Outline


This program is designed to give you the knowledge, tools, and systems needed to succeed make 30% ROI per year consistently.

The Core fundamental focus areas are Mindset, Accounting, Planning, Business, Organization, Documentation and Risk Management. By understanding these Core fundamentals, you can act confidently and consistently with your every market move.

In Week 5, we introduce our One Trade a Week Case Study. This strategy can allow you to have complete time freedom while living off your returns.


Welcome Week

Day 1 – How it works

Day 2 – Schedule

Day 3 – Outline

Day 4 – Delivery

Week 1 – Framework

Day 1 – Faith

Day 2 – Mindset

Day 3 – Focus

Day 4 – Attitude

Week 2 – Understanding

Day 1 – Accounting

Day 2 – Equities

Day 3 – Currency

Day 4 – Stock Market

Week 3 – Wormholes

Day 1 – Models

Day 2 – Plans

Day 3 – Systems

Day 4 – Checklists

Week 4 – Zen

Day 1 – Meditation

Day 2 – Visualization

Day 3 – Poise

Day 4 – Monitoring

Week 5 – Science

Day 1 – Theory

Day 2 – Experiment

Day 3 – Conclusion

Day 4 – Documentation

Week 6 – Electrification

Day 1 – Pro forma

Day 2 – Reasons

Day 3 – Persistence

Day 4 – Performance

Courses are pre-recorded and on demand 24/7. Text support included, please allow 24-48 hours for responses.

If you don’t make 30% ROI in your first 12 months, we’ll give you 2 years access to our One Trade A Week Text Alert Strategy ($4,000 value).

Trade stress-free by knowing your numbers.

This includes ONE-YEAR subscription to One Trade a Week ™ Text Alerts including Risk Management Strategy.

The management strategy will be texted to you as soon as you sign up in a series of beginner texts (allow for 24 hours). Cutoff for getting this Friday’s alert is Thursday at 8:00 PM EST.

Alerts go out on Friday afternoons between 3:30 and 3:45 EST, and occasionally Thursday if markets are closed Friday.

Total of 50 alerts plus 50 exit alerts. In 2020, the One Trade a Week ™ Text Alerts were up +183.98% and each trade had a 61.5% chance of winning with an Average Hold Time of 11.5 days. In 2021, the One Trade a Week ™ Text Alerts were up +112.32% and each trade had a 45.3% chance of winning with an Average Hold Time of 20.7 days.

Alerts go out on Friday afternoons between 3:30 and 3:45 EST, and occasionally Thursday if markets are closed Friday.

Educational Disclaimer

The information presented and made available on any company content – including but not limited to text alerts – is intended for educational purposes only. Trade at your own risk. The information is not and should not be confused with investment advice and does not attempt or claim to be a complete description of any specific securities or markets, but rather educational examples of the application of technical analysis to the market. This information has been presented and prepared without regard to any particular person’s investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs because course attendees come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse objectives and financial situations. Your licensed securities professional, financial consultant, or tax advisor best renders investment advice. The opinions and analyses included herein are based on sources and data believed to be reliable and are presented in good faith; however, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied is made as to their completeness or accuracy. It is imperative to understand your investment risks since all stock and option investments involve significant risk. The Inflection Point Inc., in addition to all individuals of the company, are not liable for expenses (including attorney fees), and damages arising out of claims resulting from the use of this educational content. The Inflection Point Inc. is not a licensed investment advisor.

ATTN Remote Independent Traders

We’re looking for a handful of superstar Strategists who want to start and/or grow an existing business in the stock market.

Our company specialized in building great Investors by teaching the fundamental building blocks of business and the stock market.

Learn Accounting, Planning, Organization, and Risk Management to propel your accounts to new heights.

Position Description

Make One Trade a Week consistently and earn +30% or more consistently with your cash accounts in as little as 12 months.


Our One Trade a Week ™ Text Alert Strategy is to Retail Investors what training wheels are to beginner bicyclists.

We track performance with the following four indicators:

  1. Win / Loss percentage
  2. Hold time
  3. Reward to risk ratio
  4. ROI

Our Advanced Trading course outlines exactly how to build your trading business from the ground up and what numbers to track and why.

There are three steps to TIP’s trading system:

  1. Find the best opportunity
  2. Make the trade
  3. Automate the exit

Are you a Remote Independent Trader looking to buy and sell securities for high profits? This book is for you.

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