Inflection Point Alchemy (Six-week market course)


$10,000.00 $4,000.00

Six-week market course outline:

Mindset (week 1)

Mechanics of the market (week 2)

Creating your plan (week 3)

Finding ideas to trade (week 4)

Qualifying ideas (week 5)

Executing your plan (week 6)

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Course outline week by week:

Mindset of a trader (week 1)

-Start with a fresh new proven strategy.

Mechanics of the market (week 2)

-Learn in-depth easy to follow market analysis. Why 90% of traders aren’t profitable.

Creating your plan (week 3)

-We give you our five-page trade plan outlining time-frames and stock selection criteria.

Finding stocks to trade (week 4)

-We allow access to our time-tested market scanners on the world’s #1 stock scanner.

Qualifying trades (week 5)

-We give you our trade template checklist which we reveal our qualifications for entering and exiting the market based on our trade plan we create in Week 3, Creating your plan.

Executing your plan (week 6)

This is where we take your plan to the market, start qualifying stocks to trade and entering positions in a simulated market for free on the thinkorswim platform. In the simulated market, we are free to make mistakes and fail a hundred times without losing a dime. Once you perfect the simulated market (may take additional 30 days) the next step in the process is to take the same plan and the same qualification checklist to the market with a small account via the Robinhood App or Interactive Brokers.


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