Kope’s Corner (7-22-19)

ANNND we’re back her at Kope’s Corner, it is 22 July 2019 – and I am super excited to make these investments simple and fun for you –Disclaimer, please trade at your own risk, this is meant to be educational – with that being said, it’s time for THIS WEEK’S TRADE HIGHLIGHT!!!

This week’s trade highlight is brought to you by Neptune Wellness Solutions! Ticker $NEPT

Stock was up 27% last week, pretty good returns

Here’s how it looks in the trade template

This template is available for download only at tradeplanconsulting.com/tip-tools

If you have no idea where to begin with this stuff, I have a brand new course that makes it super easy and fun and I named it: Candlestick College. No reason this can’t be fun, I’ll see you all next week!!


-TIP Team


IPA group (our trading/investing community)

We qualified the trade through our ten-point checklist

Financial plans, templates, checklists and user-friendly interest calculators

TIP Inc. makes investing simple and fun.

Founder is taking daily calls to help answer client questions about creating market plans and acting (not reacting) with confidence.

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