Free 2021 Report of 5X-ers

Here are the four companies we qualified with our ten-point qualifying checklist and the corresponding prices of the alerts.

1. Cassava Sciences, Inc.

Ticker: SAVA

Cassava develops drugs for neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer’s.

We alerted SAVA as a BUY on Sep 25th , 2020 at $11.47.

2. Vertex Energy, Inc.

Ticker: VTNR

Vertex Energy, Inc. is in the Oil, Refining and Marketing, and Recovery businesses.

We alerted VTNR as a BUY on May 14th , 2021 at $1.85.

3. Aehr Test Systems

Ticker: AEHR

Aehr Test Systems designs, engineers, manufactures, and sells test and burn-in equipment

First alerted AEHR as a BUY on July 16th at $3.40, then again Sep 9th, 2021 at $8.45.

4. Lightwave Logic, Inc.

Ticker: LWLG

Lightwave Logic, Inc. focuses on the development of photonic devices and non-linear optical polymer materials systems for fiber-optic data communications and optical computing markets.

We alerted LWLG as a BUY on Dec 10th 2021 at $19.32.

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