ATTN Stock Pickers

Work part-time, remotely for 4 minutes a week.

This job is literally a master stock picker. No strings attached. If you’re picks don’t hit, no worries.

We’re looking for the best of the best here, or someone who believes they can become that. A real master stock picker.

Someone that can prove they have made 30% returns consistently before, and for consecutive years is preferred.

The beauty of this job is you have to put ZERO money on the line, and you may profit from choosing the right ones and gain confidence if other bright minds decide it’s also a good opportunity. It’s basically a free seat at one of the best upcoming masterminds in any market.

Company Description

This is a start-up company with equity to offer (and that’s about it). The mission is to train the absolute best Market Strategists, strengthen the world economy, and help cement trade legacies by providing the right knowledge, tools and systems needed for blowout success in the markets.

Position Description

Meet once a week for 4 minutes or the full 30 if you’re enjoying it. We’ve talked to people for hours and exchanged amazing ideas on these calls.


Meet once a week at 7:56 PM EST until AT LEAST 8:00. No distractions / background noise. This is a video call so plan for that.


Peace of mind you are working with some of the best Retail Investors in the space. Access and permission to share company copy and content, including but not limited to software, manuals, plan templates, market checklists, execution files, and interest calculators.

Once these tangible documents and ideas are learned, you can take them anywhere and – upon mastery – create your own beautiful thriving business.


THIS IS AN UNPAID POSITION. You’ll be a 1099 contractor. Bonuses may be given for great stock picks.

The information presented and made available on any company content is intended for educational purposes only. We are presenting information in good faith and own no risk for any losses incurred or legal fees of any kind. TRADE AT YOUR OWN RISK. Most day traders, some estimate close to 99%, lose money in the markets short-term. That’s AWFUL odds, so don’t risk more than you can afford to lose.

This information is not and should not be confused with investment advice and does not attempt or claim to be a complete description of any specific securities or markets, but rather educational examples of the application of technical analysis to the market.

This information has been presented and prepared without regard to any particular person’s investment objectives, financial situation and particular needs because course attendees come from diverse backgrounds, with diverse objectives and financial situations.

This information is of a general nature only so you should seek advice from your broker or other investment advisors as appropriate before taking any action. Your licensed securities professional, financial consultant, or tax advisor best renders investment advice.

The opinions and analyses included herein are based on sources and data believed to be reliable and are presented in good faith; however, no representation or warranty, expressed or implied is made as to their completeness or accuracy. It is imperative to understand your investment risks since all Forex, options, stock, and crypto investments involve significant risk.

The Inflection Point Inc., in addition to all individuals of the company, are not liable for expenses (including attorney fees) and/or damages arising out of claims resulting from the use of this educational content. The Inflection Point Inc. is not a licensed investment advisor.

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