According to Business Insider, Stock Trader is the second most stressful job on Wall St., right after Investment Banking

Investing can be extremely complicated and frustrating. So much so that it’s earned the title, most stressful job on Wall St. Luckily for you, it’s never been easier to transfer knowledge on the subject.

It’s refreshing when you find a source – that’s not only 100% transparent – but also showing Top 1% performance. Sources like these can sort through all the daily market clutter and dumb down a rather complicated subject to where a third grader can follow.

The sooner you learn how to Invest the right way, the sooner you’ll be banking consistent profits and living off your returns. Say goodbye to your 9 to 5 forever.

So, what’s so stressful about Stock Trading? Well, for one, the swings in account balances can feel like you are on an emotional roller-coaster. Not many people can handle losing a couple thousand or more in a day and not flinch. You need to be a steady operator with unwavering confidence that your Strategy is the best, even in the face of market bloodbaths.

Tracking just FOUR key numbers closely can help to managing stress levels. Think of it objectively in terms of probabilities and statistics. Losing is part of Trading and Investing. The idea is to limit your losses and never put yourself in a position to take that catastrophic loss.

If you have trouble starting, start with a small amount that you wouldn’t care about losing. Once you gain confidence in your ability to implement the World’s Best Stock Strategy, then you can scale to larger amounts.

When you start small – right in the beginning – imagine how you’d feel if the account had a few more zero’s in there.

If you know the percentages work on a small scale, you’ll be much more confident risking large amounts. Knowing your numbers is key to confidence and scaling.

If you can’t do it with a small amount, you can’t do it with a large amount. Only about 1 on 1,000 Traders can trade profitably enough to make a comfortably living. You should be asking yourself, “What are these Traders & Investors doing differently?”

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