2020 – back testing results

Expected ROI’s are approximate and based on TIP’s Text Alert case study 2020.

Do not expect to gain these returns without a step-by-step model, plan, system and checklist for business operations. Also, don’t attempt this without a full understanding of how the markets work. Have a plan. Use science to form your own opinions and market theories. Practice trading is a simulated market to prove you can do it.

See track record for data. All data published and all data contained herein was extrapolated and combined with market theory and should be carefully inspected and questioned before you decide to make any moves of any kind.

Inflection Point Inc. shall in no way – including legal fees – be held liable for any and all negative outcomes resulting from the use of this educational content. We are merely presenting finding in good faith as to educate our audience while attempting to fulfill our vision of building great Investors. Everything herein and associated with Inflection Point Inc. is for educational purposes only. We are a market education company. Thank you.

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